Six Willows B And B


Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast  

Isle of Skye - Guesthouse

Now here is an affordable, vegetarian B&B where you can look out over the sea and the lovely hills of Glendale in the North West of the Isle of Skye.

Did you know?

Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014 contributor Tom Hall Said: "Scotland will be well-deservedly taking the spotlight  on the world stage. The country's buzzing cities and stunning scenery have plenty to offer visitors, combined with an incredible calender of events and Scotland looks set for a year-long celebration." Source: Lonely Planet Best of Travel 2014

Our meditation room, therapeutic massage and a choice of health treatments will make your stay at Six Willows a relaxing one.

Dr Clark has described Skye as one of the world's most important palaeontology sites. Check out the 'Things to See and Do' page.

B&B Skye

Our Bed & Breakfast is in one of the prettiest glens in Scotland

From here you may explore Glendale, Dunvegan and the famous beauty spots; Neist Point, MacLeod's Tables, Dunvegan Castle and so much more. The peace, nature and beauty of the Isle of Skye come entirely free.

The Red Room

A comfortable double room with en-suite shower room, a choice of hot drinks and biscuits, DVD-TV and WiFi. 

The Blue Room

Another comfortable family room for 3, which can also be booked as a twin, or double with a separate private

jacuzzi bath, shower, drinks and DVD-TV and WiFi.

Included Breakfast

More Bookable Extras

Pancakes and home-made preserves. Fresh fruit salad and berries. Yoghurt and cereals. Warm breads, crackers and cheeses.

Organic, fair-trade tea, cocoa, coffee also juices and herb teas.

Full cooked breakfast

Egg, tomato, mushroom, beans, potato scone, veggie sausage. £5

Therapies and laundry service

Holistic therapies; Therapeutic Massage or Acupressure treatment is only £25 and even a laundry service for £5,

can be booked online when booking your room. Could not be easier!

It is a 10 minute walk to the sea shore and 20 minutes to panoramic views.

Please check out the rest of this website to see our rooms, local attractions, restaurants and travel directions,

times, distances (very important) and generally what we are about.

Winter notes

Please be aware that there is no restaurant in Glendale in the winter, you may wish to eat on the way or contact us for a vegetarian meal here at Six Willows B&B (booking required). Some of the visitor sites are also closed in the winter, if you have a particular place you wish to visit please check to see if it is open. If you have weatherproof coat and boots you will still be able to enjoy the island.

Electric vehicle charge point

Any one stayi

ng here with an electric or hybrid car can charge up at Six Willows B&B for free. This is another

tick on our 'environmentally helpful' list. Please note the fitting. Thanks also to 'Energy Saving Scotland' who are funding the charge points for anyone who has a parking place and a business. So if you qualify, get onto them, so that the charging network can expand and be useful enough to bring electric cars into the mainstream.

Commander Hadfield (who was floating about in outer space on a space station) took this photo of the Isle of Skye and posted it to Twitter. I thought you might like to see it... I think it is beautiful!

A VILLAGE on the remote Isle of Skye has emerged as one of the best places to live in Scotland, according to a guide published today by The Sunday Times.

Astronomers' party to celebrate Skye at night

Night sky over Skye More than 1,000 stars can be identified from Skye on clear nights

The Isle of Skye is to host an event celebrating its potential to astronomers and amateur stargazers.

The first Dark Skye Star Party will be held on 25 October at the Clan Donald Centre in Armadale.

Skye has some of the darkest night skies in Europe and, on clear evenings, more than 1,000 stars can be seen.

Prof John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, along with astro-photographer Sue Daly and author Steve Owens are to attend the party.

Along with volunteers, the three guest speakers will give advice on how to spot and identify objects in the night sky.

There will also be a pop-up planetarium and a display explaining how sailors and explorers navigate by the stars.

The Clan Donald is in the south of Skye, lets hope it is a clear night.